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Lake Akan Frost Flowers (with English guide)
From early Decenber when the temperature is below minus 15 degreesn Celsius and there is no wind in the morning on the lake turns to frost.
You can see frost in the shape of flowers big enough to fit in your paln.
Afterthe snow arrives,you will find such flowers every morning in areas where the lake dose not freeze.
The appearance of tentative buds hints at the passing of winter and the arrival of spring.
Skunk cabbages with remnant of snow can be seen along pathways.
We recommend taking a walk in the lush green forest, fishing or canoeing. Summer is the best season for outdoor activities.
Harmonious hues of red, yellow and green from autumn leaves blend together to add vivid color to the mountains and their surroundings. An inspiring work of art by Mother Nature.
Fish for pond-smelt or ride a snowmobile on the lake which is completely frozen. These delightful activities are only available in winter.
Movie: Various scenes in Akan are seen in the movie.
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