Akan Forest and Lake Walk

Find the beautiful ice sculptures on the frozen lake and explore the geothermal wonders in the forest of Akan. No hills, snowshoeing tour recommended for beginners.


In this tour you can explore the frozen lake and the forest. We will start walking from Tourist Infomation Center to the lake, and first visit the hot spring spot where the ice keeps freezing at night and melting in daytime and creates beautiful frosts. Views from the lake are amazing with Mt.Oakan and other surrounding mountains. Trees with frosts look like as if they were made with grass and millions of snow flakes are shining like diamonds. We will walk into a forest where you can see hundreds years old trees, footprints of animals and mud pots.

Detailed information
*Tour fee includes insurance, tax and snowshow rental.
*Tour fee must be paid before the tour by cash.
*Water proof clothes and shoes are perfect for walking on snow.
*Wearing sungrasses and sunscreen are recommended.
*Please bring water for yourself.

*Currently you cannot make a reservation for this tour.*

walking to an island on Lake Akan walking to an island on Lake Akan
You can lay down on the ice You can lay down on the ice
Amazing view of Mt. Oakan Amazing view of Mt. Oakan

  • Period
    January to March
  • Contact
    Akan Tourism Association
  • Hours
    9:30am ~
  • Capacity
    1 - 10
  • Guide
    Guided tour
  • Duration
  • Price
    Adult 3000yen Child 2100yen
  • Location
    Lake Akan